Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Projects for 2015

Alright folks, here's the first of FIVE projects I'll be working on for the new year... Saturdays, beginning January 3rd, 2015, weekly LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST "Enter the Pit". This 90 minute, live video broadcast, will include a featured band, joining us live on location, along with music videos from bands across the globe. If your band wants to schedule with us, send us a private message. If your band wants to submit music videos, post youtube links directly on our Facebook wall, or send an .avi to (Don't worry about planning around a show, this will be broadcasting at 2pm central, and we will be completely finished by 4pm...plenty of time to get your asses to a venue for load in.) More info on this project will be released as it comes available for the public. Be sure to share our page, as we are unleashing all of our new project for 2015 THIS WEEK!
The second of five new projects for the upcoming year is... LIVE video broadcasting from various venues around the Greater Houston area, Wed-Sat Nights...streaming live from the ReeB LiVe! Website. We will feature the full sets of each band, PLUS interviews with bands and venue managers, along with music videos & advertising from small business owners from around the country. VENUES - If you would like us to come out to your place and broadcast, please contact us via PRIVATE MESSAGE on Facebook for full details. SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS - If you'd like to ADVERTISE or SPONSOR a segment, contact us via PRIVATE MESSAGE on Facebook. BANDS - (Local or Out-of-Town) If you'd like us to broadcast YOUR SHOW, contact the VENUE and have them arrange it with us. If you'd like to submit music videos (studio produced videos ONLY), send the .avi or mp4 file to We will have the schedule posted up at upon confirmation of dates/times. Our SCHEDULED launch date is January 7th, 2015.
The 3rd of 5 projects I am unleashing is one of the biggest projects I have ever taken on, and will depend on YOU. Whether you are in a band, or just a fan, you can be a part of this. Starting IMMEDIATELY, I will be taking donations for "T-shirts for Teens", an outreach program for youth in 2 organizations, Covenant House Texas, and Methodist Children's Home in Waco, TX. BANDS - If you'd like to donate a T-shirt, message me here for the mailing address. ***YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FROM HOUSTON*** FANS - If you'd like to donate, simply PURCHASE a T-SHIRT from any band at a show in your city, and message me here for mailing address. This will be an on going project, NOT just for the holidays, so, if you can't do it now, you will have the opportunity to do it ANYTIME. I will have a P.O. Box set up in January and will post the address on all the ReeB LiVe! sites. Until then, I will take donations at shows and via mail. I will be making a MONTHLY visit to Covenant House, and a Yearly (April 2015) visit to Methodist Children's Home. ****YES! you may donate $$$ via paypal on just be sure to make a note that your donation is for "T-shirts for Teens".All cash collected will be used to purchase band T-shirts for the project****
Keep watching our Facebook page all week for the final 2 projects to be announced.

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