Thursday, October 24, 2013

DVDs & a Compilation CD in the works

I'll be burning DVDs within the next month with live footage I have collected so far...these will be available at shows for $10 each, starting in December, and 100% of the profit will go right back into more gear, and better production. There will also be a ReeB LiVe Entertainment presents CD compilation put together, featuring at least one live track from just about band I have recorded, which will be available at shows for $5 somewhere around January/February 2014. EVERY BAND I record will receive all the UN edited footage, and all UN edited photos absolutely FREE of charge, as long as they agree to allow me to use the footage and photos to promote and/or market them and ReeB LiVe Entertainment, AND SELL any of it for the betterment of the company. IF any band does NOT allow this, they can PURCHASE the unedited material at an agreed upon amount at time of purchase, and retain exclusive rights. Sound fair???

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