Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Buried at Birth "Pestilent Hallucinations" - a brief review

The Band - Buried at Birth (San Jose, CA.)
Genre - Grind Violence
The Album - Pestilent Hallucinations (re-issue)
Track List -
1) Chainsodomy 1:01
2) Dumpster Diving at Planned Parenthood 2:09
3) I'm Not With 1:45
4) Personal Pavor Nocturnis 1:22
5) Sewer Chewer 0:23
6) Tear My Face Off 1:21

First off, I rarely do reviews of re-issues, but in this case I made an exception, with good reason. My first experience with BaB was in 2011 at the Hop in Spokane, WA. That 12 minutes was the most intense 12 minutes of my then 41 year old life. Come to find out, vocalist Veronica Mars was sick that night, yet somehow managed to perform at recording studio quality. That, along with the outstanding professionalism by the entire band, made them ReeB LiVe! Band of the Year for 2011.
Pestilent Hallucinations is 6 minutes and 59 seconds of raw, violent, rip-you-to-shreds mosh-pit anthems. The intensity of the entire record far surpasses ANY 1 hour+ full length metal album I have ever come across. The pure emotion from not only the vocals, but the mind-splitting drums and super fast, unpretentious guitar riffs will leave you filled with the desire to run out and cause some whatever.
For all those looking for straight up, kick ass, heavy shit...look no further. My advice when listening...stay away from windows and fine china...You'll thank me.

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