Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Ready For This" Leona X (EP Review)

First off, the title, "Ready For This", says it all...hold onto your hats for this 3-track, wild's going to take your breath away! Leona X is, in my humble opinion, this generation's Joan Jett, Lita Ford, and Pat Benetar....all rolled into one. Explosive guitars, paired with Leona's sultry, sexy vocals, make for great listening. Recorded at Seattle's infamous London Bridge Studios in the late summer of 2013, and set for worldwide distribution later this year.

Leona X

The title track prepares you for the intense ride in this 3 track EP by one of Seattle's great female musicians. Leona X, formerly of all-girl rock band, Jaggedy Ann, has shown the world her abilities on their 2006 release, "Boiling Point", along with touring shortly after in support of the release.
This EP is due out on November 1st of 2013, and the only negative thing I can say about it is there are only 3 songs to tide you over until her next stint in the studio. The track titles are as follows...
1) Ready For This?
2) Play Like the Devil
3) Love at First Feel
Leona X & her Gibson
I'm gonna say just one more thing...I LOVE THIS E.P. \,,/

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