Sunday, August 25, 2013


From the folks at Swimming With Sharks records.......
It’s that time again!

The past compilations have been a huge success! Featuring bands from all over the world! Volume 4 will be here soon! Each compilation has caused a feeding frenzy of media attention and a massive wave of downloads! Volumes 1, 2, and 3 were even spread out in physical form all over the world throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico… on Major Tours and International Shows and Festivals. The fee to have YOUR BAND featured on THIS EDITION is only $75. That price includes FULL PROMOTION of your band/song via our HUGE online network of fans, friends, social media sites, and partners. One song of your choice will be included in the compilation… to be passed out all over the world! Thousands and thousands of copies of Volume 4 will be passed out on major tours and festivals! BUT THAT’S NOT ALL… this time it’s different. Any band included in Volume 4 will automatically be selected for Label Consideration!!!… One or more lucky bands featured on the Compilation will be added to the Swimming With Sharks Roster and Signed to a Record Deal! it’s a Win Win situation! Get tons of exposure and press… plus a chance to join a rapidly growing and widely respected record label! Don’t miss your chance to spread your music to the masses! Volume 4 is coming fast!

To submit your band for consideration please visit:

Let's make this a BIG comp. With a ton of bands. If your band can't afford the $75 fee, but you still want on the compilation, ReeB LiVe Entertainment will sponsor ONE BAND in a contest. Send your mp 3 along WITH a digital press kit, and a short explanation of why your band deserves to be chosen, to no later than September 1st. I will PERSONALLY choose one band to sponsor. I will announce the winner on September 14th, LiVe on the show at and post shortly after on Facebook. Share this status on your walls....And, the rest of the band's that submit mp 3s will go on a ReeB LiVe Entertainment compilation, that will be given away at shows and offered as an exclusive FREE digital download on the website.

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